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Writing is a passion. I am not unlike a million other writers wanting to be known, and harboring the idea that what they have to say might entertain or even make a difference.

What I have to say isn’t just about my books, but also about my convictions and why they are a part of my stories. You will soon discover that I believe that humanity is on the wrong track, and in my fiction I spend a good deal of time searching for answers. I’m so convinced I have answers that I have even started compiling information to write a nonfiction book (Building OsumPODS), and I devote a good deal of my time on my Sustainable Independence in Eco-friendly OsumPODS blog. Building OsumPODS is my answer to autonomous sustainable communities, which is the focus in my latest fiction, The Future Teller and the sequel The Future Shaper (not yet published.)

But back to the beginning of my desire to write, and might I just add, isn’t it fun to not always follow strict conventions in writing. We are, after all, individuals with minds of our own, and don’t need someone else telling us what format, font, or even grammar or words to use. If you write and haven’t already found out, this can be a frustrating business where dealing with sanctimonious narrow-minded people is often the norm. This is not to say that ignoring the structure of good writing is acceptable, although I suppose it must be to some degree, for you can find plenty of examples that are published on a daily basis.

It’s weird how some event in my life, like a favorite TV series (Northern Exposure) being canceled, would make me turn to writing. Thus began my addiction in 1995. I started writing Silent Wave, having no idea where it would lead. When it was finished I discovered I had to go on, so Silent Rising followed, then Silent Landing, the trilogy now published as Silent Trek. By the completition of Silent Landing, Harry Potter was popular, and I decided I needed a story about kids. Harvesting Terra is my deepest foray into true science fiction followed by the sequel Resurrecting Terra, although Planet Passing isn’t far behind. Most of what I write I like to call near future adventure, although The Future Teller and The Future Shaper are more serious drama romance and not so adventuresome.

So, where do I see my writing? I confess I love movies (good ones), and thus I have dreamed of my stories ending up in Hollywood. First I have to be discovered, so here I am world. Discover me.

Writing isn’t all I do. However, my wife thinks I’m married to my computer. Between my photography, my love of post processing in Photoshop, my graphic designs and illustrations, posting in my forum, and my foray into blogging, twitter, Facebook, and occasionally some creative fiction writing, I spend no less that 50 hours a week at my computer, except when I’m in the field photographing or getting roped into some project.

Although I love most of what I do, I am never so enamored as when I write something that rings really true. I sometimes wonder where it comes from. It’s a screwed up world we live in, and it boggles my mind that those that might make a difference aren’t doing something about it. I consign myself to believe that money supersedes any consideration for doing something better. And yet I’m an optimist. Go figure.

My website incorporates three of my passions: fiction writing (Fiction with Foresight), photo art (Photo Innovations), and OsumPODS (Sustainable Independence in Eco-friendly OsumPODS), and thus three blogs. Please visit all three and participate. For eBook conversions be sure to visit ePubConversions.com.

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