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Why I Write:

I grew up in a family that loved to read, and guess what, I was the odd man out. It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading — it’s just that I love creating so much more. I write with a purpose. The world (or perhaps I should say mankind) worries the hell out of me, and since I don’t buy into death being a better place than life, I crusade to make life on Earth my heaven instead of my hell. It’s not that I wouldn’t welcome being enlightened and sailing off into the cosmos to experience eternal bliss, but as wonderful as that sounds, it’s simply wishful thinking that defies logic.

Mostly writing is fun. Having said that, it would be far easier to simply write to entertain. I step on toes for a purpose. I want my readers to envision a world where men can prosper without the heavy hand of bureaucrats, where men don’t buy into wishful hocus-pocus regurgitated by politicians and preachers, where men don’t become billionaires on speculation or from the blood of slave labor, where men don’t rape the land and deplete natural resources when there are sustainable solutions, where men don’t plan obsolescence to stimulate commerce, or build for the now with no sense of the future.

Although writing solely for entertainment would no doubt be less burdensome, and perhaps marketable to a broader audience, that wouldn’t satisfy my need to make sense of the mess and try to envision solutions that can make life better for everyone. Complacency is like a disease, and if mankind doesn’t wake up to the fact that in the last two hundred years we have eradicated species worldwide at a seemingly faster rate than the Cretaceous Chicxulub event, a day will come when our anthropogenic impact will hasten our own demise.

The Challenge:

The destruction of the environment is not a foregone conclusion, but with the continual expansion of our species we put greater and greater demands on our ecosystem with little consideration to the degradation of the health of the planet. While global warming may be a joke, it’s clear that the impact of man and our ever-expanding population will eventually reach a breaking point. If that’s in ten years or ten thousand years it’s up for debate, but even if it’s ten thousand years, that’s a blink of an eye compared to geologic history of Earth.

We exist in a very diverse world with diverse cultures and beliefs, and unfortunately intolerance runs rampant. Societies are extremely complex in that they are influenced by a broad spectrum of beliefs, many suffused with nonsensical assertions. Societies are a product of time, built on the backs of generations of people who struggled to survive, that coped with sickness, misery, injustice, abuse, fear, hunger, ignorance, insanity, greed, lust, desire, and more. Human survival is an ongoing problem. The degree to which we struggle depends upon many factors, which have a profound influence on decisions being made today in every culture in the world and at every level of society.

Perhaps because men reason that banding together to form nations is the only security for survival, collectively they choose to be governed and in doing so grant factions the power to rule and regulate individual behavior. The end result is often draconian laws and authorities that are empowered to control the masses by any means they deem necessary. Governments disproportionately tax the industrious while often ignoring the ill gotten gains of speculators (the crooks of society) who use their wealth to manipulate markets and stifle competition that could conceivably solve many of our most pressing problems. Those in power intimidate and penalize people, as though power has given them the exclusive right to set the world straight. With their moral high ground and a sense of superiority, they impose their dictates and justify their actions in the name of their adopted beliefs and the authority of their position. They have no problem duping the masses. They confront their opposition and enemies with threats to conform or face the consequences of their power, their laws and even the wrath of divine intervention. How many men have died to appease the moral superiority of those in power that use their faith and position to justify their actions?

Nations are products of successes and failures, besieged by debt and plagued by follies left from decades if not centuries of trying to get it right. The problem is that societies have made and continue to make poor choices, often because we are schooled and are under the influence of institutions that have infused their will with minimal challenges. We are plagued with the masterminded edicts of past generations, as we are plaguing future generations with ours.

Conforming to societal conventions can stifle freethinking and individualism, which can have an adverse effect on the evolution of progress, for it is the nonconformists, the inventors, the scientists, and the visionaries that have given the world a future, not that forward thinkers always get it right, or religions or governments always get it wrong. It is, however, through critical analysis that we solve our problems. Institutions of man, especially religions and governments, discourage critical analysis of their scripture and constitutions, and those that are empowered to pontificate and enforce, and thus men are condemned to the mistakes of those in power and their wards that deem themselves to be the saviors of souls and the stewards of civilization. These are the people that hide behind their prognostications as though they are irreproachable, that condemn and condone for their own agenda.

Social changes that promote the independence of individuals, that include more logical and equitable laws and fairer taxation such as a consumption tax that eliminates all other taxes, are as important as technological solutions to advance mankind into the future. We don’t need big brother policing our every move or threatening us with jail for not filing some tax report. While it’s true that governments are far more oppressive than they need to be, the real problem lies in our lack of foresight, for without a commitment to population control, technology will never stave off the demands of human activity, the end result an Armageddon more vile than the predictions of the Bible.

My Visions:

Envisioning a future of sustainable habitats that will allow man to prosper without mass infrastructure, intrusive government, or dependence upon a global economy is a departure from the prevailing view of most futurists and inventors who stake man’s survival on ultra complex interdependent systems that are ultimately doomed to failure. Refocusing our efforts to save the individual instead of the masses is man’s best chance for independence and a way to heal and protect the ecosystem. Give a man the tools to survive and he will prosper. Give a man welfare to procure food and shelter, and he will stop trying.

Insight into human failings and finding workable if not somewhat hopeful solutions is a common theme in all of my writing. My fiction consists of works of near future adventure that deal with yet to be invented technologies, invading aliens, a wayward planet, and idealistic endeavors by a survivalist who envisions and then builds off-grid sustainable superstructures. My blogging and nonfiction writing explores the steps to procuring a sustainable future. Through self-reliance we can promote autonomy as a way to heal the ecosystem and insure survival of all living creatures and Earth in the process. I strive to write so that my stories are entertaining and perhaps inspiring and educational.

My Hopes:

It is through introspection that I first began to question my own path and how my thinking diverged from the mainstream. I studied the path of civilization and envisioned a future not unlike the doom of Revelations, the sixth great extinction, and I asked the obvious questions. Why should self-destruction be inevitable? Why can’t man change? After nearly 50 years of debate on the subject, I can only say our disregard for finding sustainable solutions will present serious consequences to future generations, but this does not mean that man should accept defeat and wait to be raptured to heaven.

It is typical of men to be irresponsible and expect assistance, compassion and redemption for their shortcomings or misdeeds. This is what makes religion and governments popular. Interdependence is a way of life where it is easy to point a finger and put the blame on someone else. It is a way to be intellectually lazy and not try to solve problems.

As a futurist and speculative fiction writer, I decided it was my duty to myself and to my fellow man to address these issues. I have adopted a theme that is prevalent throughout my work: logic is the foundation for all truth, and truth is the beacon to guide humanity to a better tomorrow. It is paramount to believe man has a future, for without there is little sense in our existence.

I find it very disparaging that anyone accepts the annihilation of the human race as inevitable. Proving the human race can avoid self-destruction and evolve without destroying the environment should be the driving force in all endeavors, for fearful submission to prophetic agendas of doom and damnation, regrettably have detrimental effects in the choices made by nations, society and individuals. If we are in fact doomed, why give a rat’s ass about pollution or anything? If men believe they can be forgiven their sins simply by buying a ticket to heaven by committing their souls to some superstitious theology, why not rape and pillage? Why would God create man in his own image and doom him from the beginning? Why would God then absolve all believers and condemn all others to eternal damnation? Why would God have the same nasty disposition of an irate parent that bribes with rewards and bullies with threats? To me the answer is simple. Religions are all the invention of man, and even if God exists, he has never given man any directives.

My Videos:

All Seasons

My Nonfiction:

A work in progress. Building OsumPODS (Optimal sustainable unishell modular Perpetually Operable Detached Superstructures).

Making individuals independent and secure from the risks of disasters, pandemics, famine, economic instability, terrorism and warfare are the goals of engineering modular superstructures that will not require hazard insurance, that are built to last for thousands of years and provide sustainable environments for their occupants without dependence on mass infrastructure. The OsumPODS concept goes beyond the technological aspects and delves into the rationale of a sustainable existence without a global economy or dependency on government in general. By this, I do not assert that man can prosper without trade or government; only that man can prosper with far less.

Off grid autonomous superstructures can become the future sanctuary of man’s existence. The prototype hexagonal design will meet criteria for all classes of structures (residential and commercial) and will also be highly adaptable to high-density cohousing, yet in clustered layouts will create more open land within communities.

Unishell modules will be spray cast with robotics. Pedestals will rest on slip-planes, which will minimize damage in severe earthquakes. Structures will float in case of flooding. In general, unishell modules will be nearly impervious to damage from hail, wind, fire, and other natural or manmade disasters.

The OsumPODS concept includes modular interior walls, which will house heating, cooling, and lighting plus storage space, seating and other amenities. Self-contained plumbing fixtures will filter and recycle water, and solar power will be stored kinetically in flywheels. The semi biospheric environments will use food production within structures to help create a sustainable cycle. Future solutions through technology will produce NetZero superstructures.

For more on OsumPODS, please visit Sustainable Independence in Eco-friendly OsumPODS. My blog  if full of articles, videos, and discussions related to Building OsumPODS. You may also want to read The Future Teller for a fictional account on the subject.

My Fiction:

The illustrated edition of Silent Trek the Trilogy is now available as a single download. Silent Wave, Silent Rising, and Silent Landing series explores a common conundrum faced by those who dare to promote revolutionary ideas. Some inventions upset the apple cart because they make other inventions obsolete. Having the foresight to proceed in secrecy isn’t always enough. Sometimes trouble is inevitable, and so it is when Justin Larson invents wave propulsion (levitation by force fields) and threatens to crush the transportation industry.

Harvesting Terra pits three young survivors of an alien invasion against what appears to be insurmountable odds. Only by wit and daring, and perhaps a little naiveté are the three able to alter the environment and make Earth inhospitable to the conquering aliens.

Resurrecting Terra is the continuing story of our three survivors who are forced to contend with a remaining alien presence and a world reemerging with accelerated growth of intelligent monsters.

Disasters come in many packages. Some lurk in space, but not even an asteroid impact can compare to Planet Passing when the moon is pulled into an elliptical orbit, destined to revisit Earth and wreck havoc by dragging the oceans over the continents for millennia. What are man’s chances for survival?

The Future Teller has a vision. Jake Tanner wants a life without the burden of government on his shoulders, or dependence on the Chinese to make his shoes and clothing. He wants to survive, but more than that he wants to prosper, and figures that giving his fellowman the tools to survive autonomously is the best tactic to insure his own future. The Future Shaper, not yet published, is the continuing saga where they are put to the test as war emerges.

All fiction titles can be purchased in a variety of eBook formats from trusted retailers. For more on fiction, please visit Fiction with Foresight.

 My Photo Art:

Photography has many purists that believe their art must remain pure to be worthy of being called photography. Although digital has allowed great strides in high dynamic range and unlimited depth of field, there are many that frown on digital manipulation that alters the image in any way. If you’re a purist, my Photo Art Blog may seem blasphemous to the nth degree. Digital capture is just the beginning for the non-purist that finds Photoshop irresistible.

Digital composites are available at this site with new images being added on a somewhat irregular basis, so please visit often for there is always something new in my blogs.

Albums include: “Grandscapes” visits the world of dramatic arches, spires and cliffs of Arches National Park, the Klondike Bluffs, Herdina Park, Court House Wash, Canyonlands, and other features of the great Colorado Plateau, plus the Pacific Coast, Colorado, and Wyoming.

“Intimate Worlds” visits the world of macro and close-ups where many composites remove the clutter that is usually blurred with a shallow depth of field. My techniques are discussed on my photo blog, and include Photoshop tutorials.

“Space Art” includes conceptual worlds and other space art, from planet-scapes to exploding nebula. The Art of Digital Space Art 1 & 2 discuss some of my techniques and why I have taken a different approach to creating imaginary worlds. Photoshop tutorials on creating elements of space art and compositing can also be found at Photo Innovations blog.

“Creative Portraiture”, my latest venture into compositing, adds the element of the human form into other worlds, both real and imagined. Please share it all with your friends.

My Designs:

Over the past decade I have developed my skills as a graphic designer and illustrator. I am now doing commercial work and hope that my website and blogs demonstrate my talent. For book covers, please visit ePub Conversions, or use the contact form on this site for quotes or further information. Time permitted, I’m always up for the next challenge. If you need a book cover, a logo, custom icons, illustrations, or about any digital art work, please give me a try.


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