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Paul Fichera 4 cover

Let your cover help sell your book!

Your prospective Book or eBook buyers will judge your work by its cover. A great cover is one of your best sales tools, instantly conveying the key elements that sum up your book.

The eBook retail sites are forever becoming more crowded, so it’s essential for you to stand out from everyone else. A professional eBook cover created by Designs by Michael Atman will ensure you make a professional impression.

Book covers, including full jackets for print are available starting at $99.

Let me work with your budget. Too often authors have great expectations that complicate the creative process. Yes it’s possible to spend thousands on a design with no guarantee that it will attract your readers.

You can’t have famous actors on the face of your book without obtaining permission. Copyright infringement is serious business. If you want faces of people, please note that I create them. I composite and use hair styles, face types, eyes types, noses, and mouths from an extensive portfolio of models I have photographed. I even alter clothes so that you can choose styles, patterns, and colors.

With digital compositing the choices are endless, but rather than spend your entire budget, I will try to guide you through the process and make suggestions on what will pop from a thumbnail and still convey your story.

SL 15

Make your book come alive with illustrations!

I have only recently begun to create illustrations. Silent Trek, the trilogy uses 51 images to help convey the scenes of this near future adventure.

Digital compositing is a way to compile elements into scenes of unlimited diversity. While anything is possible, most artists have a budget and a time schedule, and most don’t want to spend a year and tens of thousands of dollars.

I will be happy to review any project and make suggestions. For queries, please use the contact form on this site.


Need an image for your website, or perhaps just some wallpaper for your screensaver. Please fell free to help yourself to a wide variety of selections at Deviant Art. Please note that 1920 x 1200 pixel screensavers are made for full screen display. Other aspect ratios are available. All I ask is that you not remove the copyright, and that if you use it on your blog or website, that you link back to

If you need a custom image, please use the contact form on this site and let me know your requirements. I’ll be happy to quote a price. You may purchase exclusive rights if you need them. Not all images are available for download, but please inquire if you see something on this site or my blogs that is not currently available.

Note: Free downloads are available at Deviant Art.

Digital Composites

With more than a decade of experience, Michael Atman offers the expertise to create most any image you can imagine, weather it’s real or conceptual. Although he specializes in genre such as space art, he’s always looking for the next great challenge. For quotes, please use the contact form on this site.

 ePub Conversions

For converting you book(s) into eBooks, be sure to visit

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