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I blog about three of my passions: Sustainable Independence in Eco-friendly OsumPODS, Fiction with Foresight, and Photo Innovations. I have three blogs because of the diversity of the topics, so I hope you visit all three.

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Although I consider myself a writer first, one of my real passions is OsumPODS. The idea that sustainable independence is the future for our species survival is prevalent throughout my work. Everything I write touches on this subject. Since I love technology and architecture, I decided to venture into creating my dream environment, and OsumPODS was the result.

Writing is also a passion. I use words to make sense of where we are and where we are headed. I strive to get it right. I know some of my opinions don’t go over well because I’m at odds with the direction humanity is headed. I truly have my problems with big government, Wall Street, mass infrastructure, big business, social attitudes, and especially with religion. I make a stink about all I find wrong because my protagonists are on a crusade to make life better for everyone. It’s my agenda.

My next passion is Photo Art, the creation of ideas and beauty, or anything I can imagine where words don’t suffice. I’m visual, and the world seems to be going that way. People are becoming more influenced by video, pictures, and movies every day. Not everyone wants to read, so if my words don’t move you, perhaps my art will. Welcome to my world.


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