The Art of Digital Space Art 1

Guide to Creating Space Art in Photoshop

Photoshop is the tool of choice for digital manipulation and creation. Space art has suddenly become far more precise and detailed working on high definition canvases. The Art of Digital Space Art is a look at some of the techniques used in the creative process, not a tutorial on using Photoshop to create star fields or planets, although more advanced Photoshop users will certainly be able to adapt these techniques in their workflow. The content is meant to give readers some insight into digital manipulation. The images are meant to inspire and are accompanied with messages that lend some perspective to its creation.

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Product Description

    Author           Michael Atman

    Publisher      Spire Press Media

    Edition           2013

    Language      English

    Price               $.99

ADSA 3d vol. 1

ADSA cover 1

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