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Photography has many purists that believe their art must remain pure to be worthy of being called photography. Although digital has allowed great strides in high dynamic range and unlimited depth of field, there are many that frown on digital manipulation that alters the image in any way. If you’re a purist, my photography and Photo Art may seem blasphemous to the nth degree. Digital capture is just the beginning for the non-purist that finds Photoshop irresistible.

Mass Effects comp 2

Visit my worlds and share in the fun of digital manipulation. My galleries include Creative Portraiture, Space Art, Intimate Worlds and Grandscapes. Find ways to create imaginary worlds that titillate the imagination from my articles and tutorials on many techniques such as creating lightning, planets, star fields, planetary rings, shadows, sun rays, and more.

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New images will be added to this site and on my blogs as I produce them, so visit often. As I gain skills that are worthy of discussion, I will add articles or tutorials to my blog. I do not profess to be a professional photographer. I have competed at the Masters Level, however, without my skills in Photoshop, I would be unable to compete at that level.

Snowy Range Pond

I rarely capture images with my camera that I would classify as art. I quite often alter images that would qualify as art, at least from my perspective. Many aspects of digital manipulation are easy, at least once you get the knack of layers. Blending modes also offer quick and easy ways of adding interesting effects to your images.

Planet 2014 alt1

I’m not a big proponent of filters other than those that come with Photoshop. While many add interesting effects, they are really someone else’s technique that you are applying to your work. While I am not generally opposed to such shortcuts, I feel it is a much better learning experience to figure out and apply your own technique to your images. If you have an interest in digital manipulation, let me help you in that endeavor.