A near future adventure

. . . from the depths of space comes devastation of unthinkable proportion. After a personal tragedy, Courtney Chapman is compelled to move to Colorado with his teenage daughter to erect a technologically advanced telescope in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. He no more than sets up the advanced eye into the cosmos and a rogue planet drifts into the solar system, destined to pass Earth and pull the moon into an elliptical orbit. What Court soon calculates foretells devastating consequences for Earth and all its inhabitants.

He is immediately compelled to tell the world of his discovery, but because of his connection with NORAD and the NASA NEO program, his warning is put on hold as military and government agencies calculate who will survive and who will be sacrificed.

 Amidst romance, personal rivalry and the approaching doom, Court is off to the Australian outback to find his daughter Carrie who has disappeared, while Earth prepares to be changed forever.