(Illustrated Edition)

A near future adventure

. . . an invisible force surpasses the realm of reality. Justin Larson and his son Derek, unwittingly discover wave propulsion (levitation by force fields) at Advanced Metal Technologies near Moab, Utah. As they ponder the consequences of their invention, one thing becomes clear, transportation conglomerates will soon be doomed to antiquity. Repercussions are inescapable.

The race to build wavecraft begins as they covertly test the powers of their invention. Diverse applications emerge, solidifying their resolve to place wave technology into the private sector. They reason power of such magnitude does not belong in the hands of politicians or the military. They complete their testing only to be spotted by Army helicopters out on patrol.

Is wave technology a stroke of genius or a bequest from an unknown benefactor? Can Earth survive? Silent Wave, the first of a trilogy, pits the will of a man and his ideology against the power of a nation and a world with myopic vision. Deception and greed play against his strategy. Destined to turn the world upside down, but determined to prevail, Justin Larson would destroy it all for the safety of his family.