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A near future adventure romance

The grid is disabled, the world goes to war, and nuclear fallout makes parts of the world uninhabitable. This is a prediction come to fruition, and the beginning of a new outpost in Chile at the edge of the Atacama Desert. The Future Shaper is the second book in a series about saving Earth and giving mankind a chance to do better.

While technology may be man’s salvation, it is clear that social change and perception of the future are equally important. For man to deserve his place in the cosmos, he must come to grips with what is at stake. Once the death gene is eliminated, it becomes clear that passing the buck to future generations is no longer an option.

The Future Shaper is about human nature and a determination to do better. It is also about love and desire, and coping with the fact that man is plagued with a dilemma that Earth is finite and will support a limited number of people. Man’s future is set in stone unless we seek a new frontier and venture into the cosmos. Be sure to join the journey.