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I blog about fiction because I write.

If I were Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Dean Koontz, or about any author other than who I am, you might actually be seeking me out for my opinion. Since you are here, I have to assume you happened to stumble here because of Google or some other search engine. Welcome to my home site and be sure to visit my blogs.

Do I think my work is every bit as good as some of my favorite authors? Better in some ways. I like my work. It’s honest. I don’t write to a mass market with expectations of having homage for my brilliance or style. I don’t use a format that makes me a must read for a particular genre. I’m not afraid to take on the world. I see the world as upside down in the direction we are headed.

Is there some reason to care about the future? Once I’m dead, does it really matter? I can’t answer either question with any certainty, except I have a vision of a better tomorrow. I preach it. I’m also writing nonfiction and trying to get the world to build OsumPODS. For more on the subject, please visit my OsumPODS blog and read The Future Teller and soon The Future Shaper (not yet published).

I know I’m in the same boat as the vast majority of authors. I want recognition. Why? Because I have something to say that might actually help, or at least entertain. Am I on the right path? Only time will tell. I hate to think I’ll be discovered after I’m dead, and dammit, I’m getting old enough that I’m starting to get concerned.

I’ve picked up and started far more books than those I’ve actually read from beginning to end. Why? Because I want the author to grab me with some idea I find irresistible. I recently read The Martian by  Andy Weir. Great book, although a bit more arithmetic than was necessary, but hey, I probably beat up on politicians, Wall Street, big business, and religion more than I need too. I apologize to those readers who would rather just get on with the story, but I truly believe we are a species on the road to extinction if we don’t change our ways, and trashing our environment has much to do with our attitude, which is a byproduct of our beliefs. Saving our world and mankind has to start with a more positive outlook than believing our true reward will be found in death, and thus my agenda. I hate to discourage anyone from reading my work, for it is probably the readers I’ll upset the most that need to realize that man may be one of the shortest experiments in life of any species yet to inhabit Earth, and for no good reason except that we don’t want to face the reality of our situation. Yes, it’s difficult to expect a few words to change the course of billions of people, but at least I’ve had my say in the matter.


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