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Photo Innovations is all about post processing. My blog is for the non-purists who have no problem manipulating images. Since this is an introduction I will let you in on my passions, my philosophy about photography, and my justification for altering images. First and foremost, I feel photography should be fun. Of course, I’m not into photography to make a living, although I’d like to support my hobby. The fact that I’m a hobbyist may be all too evident, however my passion for the art of photo manipulation and photography in general stems from my love of art and the freedom artists have for interpretation. I consider myself an artist first, and a photographer second.

Photography has many purists who believe their art must remain pure to be worthy of being called photography. Although digital has allowed great strides in high dynamic range and unlimited depth of field, there are many that frown on digital manipulation that alters the image in any way. If you’re a purist, my Photo Art Blog may seem blasphemous to the nth degree. Digital capture is just the beginning for the non-purist that finds Photoshop irresistible.

Come visit the world of Michael Atman and share in the fun of digital manipulation. Visit this world in new ways, and create imaginary worlds that titillate the imagination. Tutorials on many techniques such as creating lightning, planets, rings, star fields, shadows, sunrays, and more are available for free.


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