About OsumPODS

Optimal Sustainable Unishell Modular Perpetually Operable Detached Superstructures

OsumPODS are modular structures spray-cast with robotics. The unishell design will be modular inside as well. All interior walls and fixtures will be independent. There will be no fixed plumbing. Toilets will be dry, possibly ultrasonic without exterior venting, thus allowing placement at any location. Sinks, tubs/whirlpools, showers, and any appliance that might require water will have reservoirs where a finite amount of water will be recirculated and filtered, thus reducing energy consumption for heated water. Energy will likely be solar and stored kinetically in frictionless fields, thus obtaining near 100% efficiency. Energy distribution within structures will be in a continuous track in the interior of each module where any modular component requiring power will be hooked up with a simple locking motion. For true independence, structures will be designed for food production, either hydroponically or eventually in test tubes.

OsumPODS 6-15

OsumPODS will be designed to rest on slip-plane foundations, thus allowing structures to move in earthquakes or float in floods. Windows will be designed with retractable steel shutters to make structures hail, wind, tornado, and hurricane proof. Unishell modular casting will make structures virtually impenetrable, thus burglar proof. All exterior and interior surfaces and components will be fireproof. There will be no need for hazard insurance.

OsumPODS will produce their own energy, collect, filter, and recirculate water, and with food production within structures, will have a semi-biospheric atmosphere, thus producing the most eco-friendly environment possible. The concept will eliminate the need for any mass infrastructure beyond roads for transportation.

Sustainable independence is a must for future survival. Until we have the capacity to abandon this planet, it is imperative that we keep it pristine. Building self-contained autonomous structures is a way to help end pollution. For more, be sure to visit Sustainable Independence in Eco-friendly OsumPODS blog.