The Future Voyager

Coming 2019

A near future adventure/romance

An agnostic view of human survival

With ever advancing technologies and the lure to explore, Jake Tanner embarks on a voyage into the unknown. Their starship Goliath is piloted by an Articicial Intelignet Core that longs to experience all it is to be human. With genetic manipulation almost anything is possible.

Years in space with a mostly unaging female crew of three thousand, including biological androids, and with little to do, pleasure seeking becomes thir most sought after passtime. Jake worries they will be ill prepared for the challenges of colonizing a new planet if they ever reach one.

With limited resources, they are soon confronted with a population explosion. Even in infinate space, the leasons that control life are always there, and Jake realizes his leadership is paramount for their longterm survival. He is the driving force along with his son and ever expanding harem that will determine if humans deserve their place in the cosmos.

Will the lust for life and love be enough to create a more perfect world, or will it be the preordained demise of a s species that can’t come to terms with reality? Jake Tanner is determined to prove man is destined for greatness.

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Product Description

    Author           Michael Atman

    Publisher      Spire Press Media

    Edition           2019

    Language      English

    Price               $.99



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