The Future Builder

Coming 2019

A near future adventure/romance

An agnostic view of human survival

With success building his autonomous community and an ever increasing following, Jake isn’t content to rest on his laurels and thumb his nose at the system. After marrying his teenage lover, he had expected solitude on the high plains of Wyoming to give him some veil of protection, but in a connected world the reality of his situation cannot be avoided. He allows his harem to secretely grow with the excuse he is building his army of followers. He knows his lifestyle is being scrutinized by his enemies. He knows he is taking chances and could end up in jail. He wants to prove that society needs to reexamine traditional standards, but realizes the past is too embedded to embrace his vision of a brave new world.

With the introduction of test-tube foods, they at last have the means to demonstrate the autonomy they have worked for. They realize they can survive and prosper without a world econnomy. The have changed the scope of the future with hopes of saving the environment, but with the uncertainties of their future, they must leave it all behind in search of acceptance and a chance to make their dreams come true.


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Product Description

    Author           Michael Atman

    Publisher      Spire Press Media

    Edition           2019

    Language      English

    Price               $.99



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