(Illustrated Edition)

A near future adventure

From the canyons of Utah where it all begins to a revamped auto plant near Calgary, Canada, with raids on Dugway Proving Grounds and Groom Lake, and then escape into the cosmos and on to a primeval world they name Viridian, this epic adventure heralds the power of a new technology called Waser.

Justin Larson and his son Derek, unwittingly discover wave propulsion (levitation by force fields) at Advanced Metal Technologies near Moab, Utah. Diverse applications emerge, solidifying their resolve to place wave technology into the private sector. They reason power of such magnitude cannot be monopolized under military control.

Upon being spotted while testing their wavecraft, they are soon on the run, chased by a formidable General with the military machine at his command, intent to discover the secrets of a force that can ultimately control the world.

Is wave technology a stroke of genius or a bequest from an unknown benefactor? Will destroying man’s weapons of mass destruction bring peace to the world? Will seeking out a new world bring Justin Larson and his cohorts any closer to the wisdom or the sanctuary they seek? Silent Trek, the trilogy, pits the will of a man and his ideology against a world set in its ways, and the insanity that seems destined to follow.